Lesson Plan

Lesson plans are designed with the beginner in mind and follows a standard curriculum to ensure a good foundation in fundamentals, while ensuring the student continues to enjoy playing the guitar. I can also customize a lesson plan for you if a need so arises. Pricing for those may vary as per customization.

Pricing Plan

Pricing plans are designed to be competitive with market rates. As with most places, larger volume of lessons will result in discounts.

Instrument Recommendations

For an absolute beginner I would not recommend anything above $250. I find that as long as the child likes the instrument and it has the elements that will keep the child engaged, over a prolonged period, that will work. In that sense, if the parents choice is a more conventional Stratocaster design, but the child finds that look boring, buying that instrument will result in effectively curbing their enthusiasm.

Here is a pretty good list of acoustic guitars to choose from:

Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars Link

Home Recording Course

  • Are you looking to setup your own Home Recording Studio?
  • Are you looking to record at home?
  • Maybe you're looking to understand how to prepare your tracks for external Mixing & Mastering?

I offer a series of courses designed for anyone to help them get setup and enable best practices and avoid common pitfalls.