Rahul Mukerji - Ma De Re Sha

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Press Reviews

Guitarist Rahul Mukerji has released Ma De Re Sha, an album that is a joy to listen to but difficult as hell to define. The overall vibe is one of Indo-fusion. However, at any one moment the music is as western as you can get. Ever-shifting grooves come from many directions. Also interesting is that this is music you would usually expect to be presented in long form. On Ma De Re Sha, however, the tunes come in at pop music length. You barely have time to digest before the next delicious meal comes. The liner notes touting Mukerji’s guitar abilities are no hyperbole. This cat can play. Many influences can be heard, but I want to give Mukerji more credit than that. He takes those influences, and in some cases, is an improvement over them. I highly recommend Ma De Re Sha be listened to immediately and often thereafter.

- Walter Kolosky Author and host of the Jazz Rocks Podcast

Indian born / Maryland-based guitarist Rahul Mukerji is making waves with his 2017 CD called Ma De Re Sha. Rahul’s music is very cinematic and his fleet fingered guitar work sounds influenced by masters such as Jeff Beck, Jan Akkerman and Al DiMeola. All instrumental, Ma De Re Sha takes its cues from a mix of driving, electronic instrumentals and Indian flavored, guitar-based instrumental soundtracks, which is so popular in Indian movies.

- MWE3

I got this last week and I was blown away. This is a new guitar player thats coming out and we'll let the audience discuss ...

- NewEars Prog Show - WEMF Radio

Encompassing world rock guitar, even metal at times, jazz, ambient grooves, middle eastern percussion, and bringing together flavors of Indian music, Ma De Re Sha is a fusion album of the highest quality of musical excellence.

- Anne Carlini

Mukerji’s guitar style and various tones alone could make for a page-long exposé. The compositional themes jump from eastern rhythms to hard rock and jazzy progressive fusion-rock, with the guitar work front-and-center throughout. Sometimes clean and crystalline in it’s tone (especially on the acoustic tracks) but also tastefully processed electric sounds, which can inspire a dreamy ethereal introspective mood, as well as kick out a hard rock jam with the best of them.

- Maximum Ink Magazine

Otro especial de Glass Onyon Presenta, en esta ocasión, el soberbio guitarrista Indio Rahul Mukerji y su estupendo disco debut titulado "Ma De Re Sha" en una línea que combina rock progresivo, música de su país y guitarras explosivas;

(Another Glass Onyon Special On this occasion, he presents the superb Indian guitarist Rahul Mukerji and his great debut album entitled "Ma De Re Sha" in a line that combines progressive rock, country music and explosive guitars;)

- El Retorno del Gigante Radio Show (Argentina)

Rahul has a strong guitar presence and a style that you will definitely love. This twelve track album has such great cuts as Exit 13, Fingerprints, Children of I-2, the title track Ma De Re Sha, Event Horizon and much more. This album was very well written, recorded and performed. I highly recommend this album to your rock library.

- Oasis Entertainment

Ma De Re Sha is a great electric guitar album by Rahul Mukerji, an Indian musician living in the Washington D.C. area. Mukerji combines powerful rock guitar hero licks with jazz-rock fusion, Middle Eastern beats and Indian music influences. He also uses a note bending technique that gives it a South Asian flavor and sets him apart from western guitar players.

- Progressive Rock Central

A strange duck of a record that finally got made because it just had to after all the frustration the artist endured. A wild mash up of everything, almost all at the same time, in the era of deconstruction, this is the kind of set that could speak to those looking to break through and feel thwarted at every turn. Wild, wild stuff that's the sum total of Murphy's Law, it could find an easy home in the ears of malcontents that have aged out of commercial malcontentism but are still looking for their sound and fury.

- Midwest Record

Fusion guitarist Rahul Mukerji is preparing the release of his debut album "Ma De Re Sha." Born in India, Rahul now resides in Maryland and uses his experiences to express himself through his music. He brings together the rhythm of his Indian culture with some fresh and exciting guitar licks on the album's opening tracks "Exit 13." He delivers an international sound, bringing both genres of music together with "Sita," while the smooth progressive rock feel of "Children Of I-2" shows off his outstanding guitar skills. He electrifies the album with the solo of "Zidd" and "Ma De Re Sha," before slowing the pace down for the Eastern tones of "Train Ride from Siliguri." The album closes with the acoustic finger-picking of "Event Horizon" and the hard rock assault of "Sinner." To find out more about Rahul Mukerji and his latest release "Ma De Re Sha," please visit mukerji.us.

- JP's Music Blog

Ever heard progrock from an Indian? Well, this is your chance. Rahul has spent half a decade making his dream come true. Growed between the spices that provide spice of various musical styles, he works from Maryland to refining his moment of suprème. Do not expect 'east meets west' compositions. No, this is pure progrock on British reads with a (minimal) sniff of Eastern influences. Twelve instrumental songs distinguished by using Rahul's tablas, are spicy guitar solos, remarkable bass of Ruben Rubio and inventive percussion of Bruce Ng. The CD-ROM got a print from a viewmaster and should be viewed on a big screen with a projector? Surf sure to visit his website. In addition to free downloads, you'll also find wonderful art and video work, from poster designs to comic strips, and of course more experimental compositions. Everything from the hand of Rahul Mukerji. Rough and heavy guitar solos with synthesized beads on a bed of illustrations. What a guy, what a discovery!

- Keys and Chords (Belgium)